The World Happiness Report (WHR) of 2018, has released recently, which gives a brief description of the happiness levels of all the countries in the world. The report is an annual publication of UN’s sustainable development solutions network which contains data according to various perspectives of national happiness and their ranking based on the analysis of people’s well-being and living standards.

The most important finding of the whole report is that the ranking of countries according to the happiness of their immigrants is almost exactly the same as that of the rest of the population. Here the list of 10 happiest countries in the world in 2018.

1. Finland, Happiness Index: 7.632

Finland is the king of happiest countries in the world 2018. This Nordic country is located in the Northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital and the largest city of the country. The population of the region is 5.5 million and the southern region holds major part of population. The country is the eighth largest country in Europe. Till 1950s the country was focused on agricultural based development. Later it entered to industrialization and suddenly developed as an economic standard. This made an increase in the highest per capita income in the world.

The country is a top performer in various aspects such as education, civil liberties, quality of life and overall development of humans. The country was ranked as first in the world human capital and Press Freedom Index. Other recognitions of the country includes second position in the Global Gender Gap Report and as most stable country. The residents of the country have more forest regions for enjoyment than any other European Country. The high environmental standards and low threat level makes the Finland, a better place on earth to live. The country is often called as Finland home, since a large number of immigrants are moving towards it. The World Happiness Report published on March, 2018 made a special mention of the consistency of happiness among immigrants and residents of Finland. As per UN reports, the happiness index of this top 1 happiest country is 7.632. Thus touches the sky for the unique features!

2. Norway, Happiness Index: 7.594

Norway is the second runner up country in the survey of happiest countries in the world as per 2018. Norway or Norwegian is a unitary sovereign state in Northwestern Europe. The population of the country is estimated to be of 5,258,317. The country is sharing its borders with Finland, Russia, Skagerrak strait and Denmark. The country holds an expensive coastline, which lies towards North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. The features that make Norway astonishing are social equality and welfare rank, worldwide prosperity indexes and beautiful landscapes.

The country has administrative political subdivisions, which ensures a proper ruling system and the country holds healthy relationships with European Union and the United States. The country is a founding member of organizations such as United Nations, NATO, European Free Trade Association and the Council of Europe. The comprehensive social security systems and enhanced health care system provides more values to the citizens. The country holds a major role in oil and hydro-power sectors and has plenty of natural gas resources. Norway is the biggest producer of natural gas in the Middle East regions. The country holds high per capita income and largest sovereign wealth fund. Human Development Index ranking is also higher for the country. The country has lowest crime rates and highest inequality-adjusted indexing. As per the report of World Happiness Report 2018, the country holds a happiness index of 7.594. Thus holds the second position in the list.

3. Denmark, Happiness Index: 7.555

The kingdom of Denmark is a sovereign state and Nordic country with a population of around 5,781,190 as per 2018. During the 19th century itself, the country holds a position of exporter and agricultural production contributor. The social and labor markets reforms were also initiated in this mixed economy. The country holds a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy system. The capital of the country is Copenhagen. This is considered to be a major commercial city of the country and one largest city of the country.

The country is considered to be one among the socially developed and economically sounded countries all over the world. The currency of the country is the krone, using which the country meets several standards. The country is a member of European Economic Community and Nordic Council as well. The people experiences a high living standard in the country. The reasons for this include education, health care, prosperity and human development. The country is known for world’s highest social mobility and higher level of income equality. The corruption rate of the country is also seemed to be low. The increased per capita rate and highest personal income tax rates are also noticeable about the country. All together the kingdom of Denmark holds a Happiness Index of 7.555 in 2018. This evaluation makes the country to be enlisted in the third position of top 10 happiest countries of the world.

4. Iceland, Happiness Index: 7.495

Iceland is a most equal peaceful and fair country, in the North Atlantic with a population of around 348,580. This Nordic island country is a sparsely populated country in Europe. Reykjavík is the capital and the largest city in Iceland. The Reykjavík and nearer regions holds around two thirds of the population of entire country. The country is known for its low tax rates and rich services in educational and healthcare systems. The country is known as the most established published country, where one in ten residents write books.

Iceland is a geologically active country, containing lava fields and glaciers. The country is usually warmed by the Gulf Stream and it holds moderate temperate climate. The Nordic social welfare system in the country enables universal services for education and health care. The country is based on the trading of renewable energy sources. The political, economic, social stability and equality are mainstay features of the country. In the year of 2016, the country was ranked as ninth most developed country of the world. The Global Peace Index of the country is also higher. The country holds no standing army force except light coast guard charge of defense. Based on the social support, perception of corruption and Generosity, 2018 world happiness report of UN, the country is ranked with happiness index score 7.495. Thus it becomes the top fourth happiest country in the world 2018.

5. Switzerland, Happiness Index: 7.487

Switzerland is a sovereign state of Europe. It is situated in the Western-Central Europe, bordered by Italy, France, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. The country is divided within the regions of Alps, Swiss and Jura. The Zurich and Geneva are two major global cities of the country. The country is believed as a better place to be the home town. The unique features of the country include booming economy, phenomenal infrastructure and educational services. These diverse policies are considered as key secrets to the success internationally. The clean environment of the country makes an increase in the life expectancy of people to mid eighties.

The country is mentioned as the birth place of international organizations, including Red Cross and UN office. Switzerland is considered as a founding member of European Free Trade Association. German, French, Italian and Romansh based linguistic and cultural regions are included in the country. The historical background and various shared values of federalism contribute to the identity of the nation. The country is known by various names such as Suisse, Svizzera and Svizra. Latin is used as a formal language in stamps and coins. It is one of the most developed countries with higher nominal wealth per adult. According to IMF, Switzerland has the eighth highest per capita GDP. The features of the country include government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, human development and economic competitiveness. Taking consideration of all the metrics, Switzerland is provided with happiness index of 7.487 by UN in March 2018.

6. Netherlands, Happiness Index: 7.441

Netherland is a renowned country exists in Western Europe with a population of seventeen million. The country is often referred to as Holland. The country is a fast, easygoing and well known for the iconic view of it. The term Netherlands means lower countries, by its low and flat geography. The country is the second largest exporter of agricultural and food products all over the world. This is due to the fertility of the soil and the mild climatic conditions of the country. The developed agricultural methods also contribute for this position.

The representatives are chosen to have a control over the government’s activities. The parliamentary democracy is responsible for the organized ruling of the country. The country is regarded as a liberal one with legalized rules for prostitution, abortion and euthanasia. The country maintains a progressive drug policy system. The mixed economy structure of the country makes it in 17th position over the world according to the Economic freedom index. The UN world happiness report ranked the country as the sixth happiest in the world, because of high living quality. The country has better healthcare services, good educational as well as social benefits, making it apt for the awarded position.

7. Canada, Happiness Index: 7.328

Canada is included as the seventh happiest country in the world as per the evaluation of 2018. The happiness metrics which contributes for its position are peak life expectancy ratio, small population and beautiful landscape. This country is located in North America. The wide coverage of the landscape makes the country the second largest one in the entire world on the basis of area. The major part of the population there in Canada is focused on the urban cities to settle down. Ottawa is the capital of the country. The largest metropolitan regions of the country are Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. The climate of Canada varies depending on the areas and usually it has four different seasons.

The country’s population holds heterogeneous people. Canada has a federal parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy system. This multicultural nation is bilingual at official levels. The main contribution of multicultural behavior of the country is caused by large number immigrants. The country is the tenth largest one in the world on the basis of economy. It is relying on natural resources and well formed trade networks of the country. Another one major feature of Canada is the long standing relationship with the United States, which accounts for the economic balance. This developed country holds tenth rank in the human development index globally. The happiness index of the country is 7.328. Thus makes the country in 7th position in the list of happiest countries in the world, 2018.

8. New Zealand, Happiness Index: 7.324

New Zealand is a happiest sovereign island country situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country holds around two main land parts North and South Island and other numerous islands. The country was a remote area, and hence it is the last lands settled by human beings. This remote and unbeatable way of life there, makes the residents as well as the travelers, happier. The e country is rich with diverse biodiversity of animals and plant life. The country holds other attractions like mountain peaks and varied topography. Wellington is the capital city of the country and the Auckland is the most populous city there.

This developed country ranks higher in national performance measures including higher rates in health, education and quality of life. During 1980s, the country started transformation into a free trade economy of the times. The country shows its domination in agricultural, industrial and economic sectors. The tourism development plays a significant role in revenue source. The Kaikoura on the country is a major place of tourist destinations. As per the happiness index published by UN, the country is ranked with a score of 7.324. Thus the developed country ensures its place in the eighth position among the happiest countries in the world 2018.

9. Sweden, Happiness Index: 7.314

The Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in the Northern European region. The country shares its borders with Norway, Finland and connected to Denmark via bridge-tunnel. The country is mentioned to be the third largest one in the entire European Union. The population of the country is 10.2 million, out of that 2.4 million people are immigrants. Another one fact regarding Sweden is that, the population density is comparatively low there. About 85% of the people tend to choose the urban areas of the country. As a result of this, the country is mentioned to be as a rural country.

Sweden is considered as the seventh richest country in the world. Because of the higher rate of GDP per capita income, the people in the country experiences a high living standard. The economy focus on export oriented nature of iron, timber and hydro-power resources. The country thus gives much emphasis on foreign trade as well. The country provides a better health care and education facilities for the citizens. The national performance, prosperity and equality are metrics contributing to the top position of the country among the happiest countries. World happiness report ranked the country with a happiness index of 7.314. Beautiful Stockholm is another attraction of this happiest country.

10. Australia, Happiness Index: 7.139

Australia holds tenth position in the list of happiest countries in the world, as of 2018. This sovereign country is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. It covers the mainland of the Australian continent and numerous islands. The capital of this sixth largest country of world is Canberra and the biggest city there is Sydney. Australia is enriched with the presence of golden beaches and its extra ordinary weather conditions. There are number places to get escape from the crowd and the novel lifestyle is always noticeable in the country. The Great ocean road in the country is an internationally recognized key tourist destination.

The country is reviewed to be the 13th largest economy of the world, and holds tenth highest rate of per capita income. The quality of life in the country is too high considering the overall health, economic freedom and political rights. The country holds its membership in ASEAN Plus mechanism, Commonwealth of Nations, G20, United Nations and World Trade Organization as well. The population of the country is around 25 million, and the society seems highly urbanized. Among the people there 26% are immigrants from all over the world. The world happiness report ranked the country with an overall score of 7.139, which confirms its position in the list.